Ukraine is the country of great opportunities and astute businessmen choose this country for doing business. That's why. Ukraine is the largest country in Europe and located on the middle between Europe and Russia, Asia. Productive lands made Ukraine one of the leaders in agricultural, but in reality currently involved only 30% of capacity. The average salary in our country is much lower than in the EU. Expenses for rent and buy property as well as transportation of goods is also much lower. So you can not find a better place in region for setting up export oriented manufacturing. It should also be noted that in our country is very developed IT sphere, approximately 80-90 thousands high skilled specialists work there. The majority of them have experience in international companies and fluent in English. At the same time many of young people prefer to get European education and make career in Ukraine. That's why we believe that the main potential of our country is PEOPLE.

From the airport or to the airport you can choose one of three types of transports: bus, taxi or rent a car. Of course, the cheapest option is the bus (Skybus). The bus departs from airport every half an hour, makes several stops in Kiev and arrives to the Central Railway Station. Actually, this choice is not the best for those who do not speak Ukrainian or Russian. Second way is rent a car. Ukrainians almost do not use car rental service, therefore this service is mainly focused on foreigners. Sometimes the price is unreasonably high, usually the price start from 50 US$ per day. Third is the taxi, you can easily find a taxi in the airport, diversity of choice is quite big, but we recommend to agree the price before move. Service Uber started operating in Kiev from Spring 2016. Difficult to say how this way efficient for moving from airport.
By plane from Kiev you can get to the following cities of Ukraine: Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Zaporizhia. By bus from Kiev you can reach to almost all cities. Service Bla Bla Car actively using in Ukraine.
Undoubtedly, everyone chooses the most advantageous mode of transport to depends of preferences, opportunities and priorities. UABROTHERS CONSULTING also provide services on transportation for foreign businessmen in Kiev. Our English-speaking assistant meet you in airport and accompany to any place.